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Students celebrate 4/20 despite marijuana laws

April 20, 2016

For some, April 20 is just another day, but to others, it’s a day of celebration.

April 20, better known as 4/20, is the national unofficial day celebrating the use of marijuana. Dubbed the “stoner’s holiday," people have been spending the day for a number of years to do just that.

Marijuana for medical use was legalized in Michigan in 2008 and possession of up to one ounce by an adult above the age of 21 on private property in East Lansing was decriminalized in 2015. However, it is still against state and federal laws to use

Despite the law, many students on campus still celebrated in the day’s festivities.

“I will be high all day,” English freshman Jordan, who asked to have his last name withheld, said. “I’ll probably take an edible or two, smoke quite a bit of weed and take a heavy amount of dabs.”

Jordan said he usually smokes often, but because of the holiday, he’ll push it a step further.

“Tomorrow will be the most I’ve smoked in a day,” he said. 

Entomology sophomore Kyler, an avid smoker, also said he spent the day celebrating.

“I smoke all the time, but 4/20 is special. It’s recognized all over and people who over weed get to celebrate that,” Kyler said.

But just because people enjoy smoking weed, does not mean it’s allowed.

Adam, an environmental studies and sustainability freshman, said being safe and smart when smoking is important.

“I smoke, but I do recognize that laws are set in place for a reason,” Adam said. “Being careful is important but enjoy yourself, too.”

According to Michigan law, the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act doesn't give people who own a prescription card or caregivers the right to smoke in public.

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