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MSU police create campaign to ensure safety of bikers and pedestrians

March 28, 2016

With warm weather on East Lansing’s horizon, MSU police has created the Move Safe campaign to inform students of the laws and best safety practices for bikers and pedestrians.

A 2014 study conducted by Western Michigan University found that while East Lansing had the highest volume of bikers compared to Flint, Ann Arbor or Grand Rapids, it also had the lowest number of bike collisions.

According to the study, out of 100,000 bikers in East Lansing only 15 were in a collision, opposed to Ann Arbor, which had 27 per 100,000 bikers.

MSU police Capt. Doug Monette said the Move Safe campaign is meant to continue MSU’s commitment to bike and pedestrian safety and keep bike collisions low.

“The goal is compliance through providing safety tips and information, due to many members of the community not being informed, especially on the MSU bicycle ordinance,” Monette said.

The Move Safe campaign’s website provides specific safety tips for pedestrians, motorists and bikers. MSUPD will also be handing out Move Safe coupons to people obeying traffic laws, which can be redeemed at Sparty’s for one free drink.

Monette said he has already seen the campaign pay off as police are making less traffic stops on pedestrians and motorists.

“As a result of the campaign so far, I have noticed an increase in compliance with the bicyclist and pedestrian ordinances, especially with the international students,” Monette said.

The Move Safe campaign will run indefinitely. 


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