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The 'ultimate tailgate location' coming to MSU in form of tiny house

February 22, 2016

The "ultimate tailgate location" will be coming to MSU at the beginning of the next fall semester in the form of a 180 square feet home.

The home will fit on a 8-foot-by-20-foot trailer. It will take only 12 days, at most, to construct. Even in its small size, this tiny home will still be a fully functional home.

It will include a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, office and living room that is perfect for the most minimalist of people.

The project, which is primarily being conducted by MSU’s chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council, is better known as Sparty’s Cabin.

Interior design senior Tiffany Pupa is the president of the USGBC student organization at MSU. She is the original organizer and the one who proposed the idea.

“It is more than just a house, it’s about a lifestyle,” Pupa said. “We are students from the MSU School of Planning, Design and Construction. We thought, what better way to learn about this movement that is so relevant to our generation than to build a tiny home?”

Construction on Sparty’s Cabin will start on March 1 and will conclude, fittingly, on Earth Day.

“We’re doing this so that students can learn hands-on skills for building, and become more conscious and aware of their consumption and their lifestyle to hopefully become more environmentally friendly,” Pupa said.

The small house is being built by Planning, Design and Construction students in the MSU Surplus Store and Recycling Center, with special assistance from the MSU Department of Forestry and MSU Shadows Program.

“We are making some key feature items for the project, such as countertops, shelving units and other items,” MSU Shadows Project Coordinator Dan Brown said.

When the tiny house is completed, it will be used as an education tool to teach the surrounding community about living a more conservative life.

“We want to educate our community about an alternative lifestyle,” School of Planning, Design and Construction associate director Patricia Crawford said. “Tiny homes are about changing how people think about how they want to live. You can live comfortably and have a fuller life with fewer possessions and a smaller footprint.”

The plan for the tiny home is that in the fall semester, it will be rented as an ultimate tailgate location for events such as football games.

The proceeds of Sparty’s Cabin are planned to go towards local charity focused on homelessness and housing needs.

A large part of the program is about educating people about how they can have a smaller environmental footprint and live a more minimalist lifestyle.

“There seems to be this growing interest in the millennial generation in living your life based on experiences instead of accumulating material items, and that’s really what this project is all about," Pupa said.

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