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Student groups plan for recruiting at Sparticipation

August 27, 2015

From major-related organizations to intramural sports to other interests, Sparticipation offers an opportunity for incoming and returning students to find a place to fit in among a community of 40,000 people.

With more than 700 registered student organizations, MSU’s ever-growing community of clubs can be difficult to navigate.

Sparticipation can help you find what clubs are out there and which ones you’d be interested in joining.

“I think it’s super useful, not only for freshman but for returning students as well,” environmental biology and microbiology senior Mirijam Garske said. “It gives them the opportunity to see what is available and it raises awareness about issues people care about.”

Garske is president of campus organization Active Minds, which works to lift the stigma on mental health issues and inform students of the resources available at MSU.

Garske said the main reason her club participates in Sparticipation is to advertise the big events they have planned for the upcoming school year. They also want to spread their group’s message, recruit, and get their group’s name and cause out there.

“It’s a really, really awesome way for clubs to kind of get their names out there,” Garske said.

Aside from learning about the smaller communities MSU has to offer, Sparticipation is a way to get free stuff, including school supplies, water bottles, etc. while learning about an organization you’re interested in.

You might even find a club you never knew existed. Garske admits even she doesn’t know everything MSU offers.

Aside from students looking to join a club, Sparticipation is also a good time for clubs to connect with each other and network with similar organizations, Garske said.

Clubs also recruit at the event, where they can get their information out to a large group of students.


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