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Police investigate shots fired at Chandler Crossings

August 6, 2015

shooting at The Village at Chandler Crossings over the weekend has left some residents of the apartment complex feeling unsafe.

The shooting, which had no reported injuries, occurred near the pool at the tail end of a Friday night Glow Light Party, Alex O’Brien, an official from the apartment complex’s management company, said.

Bath Twp. police Sgt. Matt Mardigian said police were originally dispatched to the scene around midnight in response to reports of an assault. It was then police heard gun shots from a nearby building.

Because of the large size of the party, police were unable to locate either the suspect or any victims when they arrived, but they were able to recover shell casings from the handgun.

Maegan Stokes, a resident at The Village, was surprised when asked for an interview, as she didn’t even know the incident occurred.

“I definitely feel ... as a resident, I should have had some sort of notice or something, like a phone call, an email; something that would have been sent out,” Stokes said.

Police and security were on-site for the event, so they responded promptly to the sound of gunshots, O’Brien said.

“We believe that the gunshots were fired by a guest at the community, not residents, who illegally brought the gun onto the premise,” he said via email.

But Stokes still isn’t assured of her safety. She said having open gunfire at the pool is “kind of ridiculous.”

“Now that there (are) weapons involved, I really just don’t feel like this is a safe place to live, I feel like … anything can happen, so now that’s starting to freak me out,” Stokes said.

She said if such incidents continue to happen at Chandler Crossings, she would rethink living there.

According to Title 13, Article J of The Village at Chandler Crossings lease agreement, residents are not allowed to have handguns or firearms in their apartments.

O’Brien said Chandler Crossings has security features on every building and unit, and security services on-site. He also encouraged residents to report suspicious activity.

The investigation is ongoing, Sgt. Mardigian said.


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