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Detroit man sentenced for dorm invasions in Hubbard Hall last year

February 13, 2015

Detective Chad Davis of MSU police gave more details of the investigation behind Jeremy Christopher Ford, who was sentenced this week for a series of dorm invasions in Hubbard Hall last February with an accomplice, Terry Wallace. 

Ford was a Detroit-resident and his parter, Wallace, was a student at MSU at the time of the robberies, Davis said. 

The series of home invasions were described as happening in the early morning hours. They made entry into unlocked dorms, stealing cash, computers and other electronics. Police were able to recover around $10,000 in cash and $10,000 worth of electronics, including Apple laptops. 

Ford and Wallace were apprehended on Feb. 27, but were released pending an investigation for more evidence to be gathered and the issuing of a warrant.

Wallace is currently held by police in Kentucky for an unrelated armed robbery charge. Police procedure in these cases is for Wallace to be extradited back to Michigan after out of custody of authorities in Kentucky. 

Police were able to connect the series of robberies together due to the suspects using the same "modus operandi," or "M.O." in their home invasions, which is how a suspects carries out the crime.

Davis also spoke about the number of man hours put into the case from both himself and a number of other officers involved in the investigation.

"(The case) was very, very complex, there was a lot of moving parts, and the bottom line is, this kind of crime to occur on our campus is completely unacceptable," Davis said. "Crime does not pay here at MSU. It's an institution of higher learning, we're here to keep our community visitors and especially our students as safe as possible." 


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