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MSU hosts first Multicultural Greek Showcase

April 16, 2014

Members of MSU's greek community celebrate their cultural heritage.

Photo by Erik Sargent | The State News

The 10 member groups of the council were on hand to promote the various activities unique to each chapter.

The groups all had different performances to help showcase their different skills and their cultural identity.

There was a series of different variations of dancing routines and acting to show every group’s tradition.

Premedical and human development sophomore Davina James said the event was geared toward teaching students about the council and what its goals are.

“It’s basically an entertainment thing and something to show the campus who the (Council) is because most people aren’t aware,” James said.

For interdisciplinary studies in social science senior Jesus Rodriguez, a member of Phi Iota Alpha, the chance to get out and showcase the importance of their culture and traditions of the fraternity.

“For us, it’s not about recruiting or putting our fraternity out there, it’s about putting the culture out there,” Rodriguez said. “Latino culture is very rich and the way we like to express that is through dancing, so it’s very important for us to go and show people Latino culture is rich.”

Promoting the members of the council was an important factor of the event.

Although the groups are still part of greek life, they only feature about 20 to 30 people in each of them, so they’re generally not as widely recognized around campus.

“We just want to showcase that though we might not be as large as the others, we are still equally as greek as the others and that’s why we are putting on our own showcase, so we can get (the Multicultural Greek Council’s) name out there,” said Ankita Arora , a human resource management junior.

Although this is just the event’s first year at MSU, all of the members plan on making it an annual event on campus for other students to see and learn from.

“It’s our first time doing this, so we’re excited about it and we’re ready to show who we are to campus and we’re expecting a good turnout in hopes that everyone has a good time,” James said.


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