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Living City-Inside the fish bowl

October 3, 2013

Fisheries and wildlife junior Heather Burke lives in her own personal aquarium. She comes home to over 40 fish tanks filled with over 50 different species of freshwater fish. Burke has been collecting and breeding fish for the past eight years.

Photo by Margaux Forster | The State News

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in your own personal aquarium? Welcome to the life of fisheries and wildlife junior Heather Burke. She has a concentration in fisheries biology, and it shows.

Burke comes home everyday to more than 40 fish tanks that are tucked away into every free corner of the small house she shares with her younger sister.

Burke said it all started eight years ago when her sister neglected a fish and Burke took over. She became more curious about the underwater creatures, and the hobby escalated. She now has about 50 different freshwater species.

There are several of medium-sized tanks in her living room, kitchen and basement, but her bedroom is where the majority of the fish live. Smaller tanks line the edge of her bed, bookshelves and closet. An entire wall of her room is devoted to housing at least 24 tanks.

Breeding allows her to sell, trade and auction the excess fish to help pay for food and other expenses.

“I really, really wish this were more of a popular hobby,” Burke said. “If you’re keeping fish, don’t give up. … It’s really rewarding.”??


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