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Meridian Township experiences rise in housing permits

July 31, 2013

The Charter Township of Meridian has reported a growth trend in the number of construction requests for single family residences.

Associate Planner in the Department of Community Planning and Development at the Charter Township of Meridian, Peter Menser said the area has seen growing numbers in construction since the end of last year.

“As of now there are 59 new permits for home construction. I wouldn’t be surprised if the numbers increased to 150 by December, given the pace at which we are headed right now,” Menser said.

Menser attributed the rise in construction numbers to the quality of life in area.

“There are many recreational and cultural opportunities,” he said.

Menser also accredited factors like level of income, presence of well educated individuals and professionals and nationally recognized organizations in the vicinity.

“Low taxes and more services play an important part too,” he said. “Of course the presence of the MSU community is undeniable.”

Economics professor Charles Ballard said this trend implies the improvement of the housing market, leading to growth in other areas as well.

“This is one of many, many indications that the housing sector is finally recovering,” Ballard said. “It has positive spill overs to other parts of the economy as well. For example, materials have to be hauled to the construction sites, and this has stimulated demand for pickup trucks.”

Mark Kieselbach, director of the department of community planning and development at the Charter Township of Meridian expressed confidence over the completion of proposed constructions in given time.

“We have lots already that are ready to be built on,” Kieselbach said. “That makes a difference when people are looking for property.”


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