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Summer offers different employment dynamic for students

May 14, 2013

Multiple MSU students discuss their job plans for the summer and the prospects of employment during the summer months in East Lansing.

Photo by Omar Thabet | The State News

Summer semester brings good weather and also great opportunities for students looking for jobs. Whether for the paychecks or to build résumés, students are always looking for job opportunities on and off campus and contrary to popular belief, summer is no different.

The common misconception is job opportunities are lower in summer than fall and spring semesters. However, with more students going back home — leaving behind their jobs for newcomers — the summer is a good opportunity for students to take advantage, general manager of Buffalo Wild Wings, 360 Albert Ave., Aaron Weiner said.

“Summer is the best time to get a foot in the door.” Weiner said. “We usually hire little before the summer semester actually begins. Right now, we are hiring kitchen staff. More of our hiring is during the fall. We don’t specifically look to recruit students, but due to our location we end up having a lot of students applying to work here.”

Weiner said of the 60 employees that make up Buffalo Wild Wings’ staff, 30 to 40 are students.

Since businesses experience a decline in customers over the summer, it is easy to understand why local businesses and stores need less help during the season.

“Business drops down during the summer so we do not hire a lot.” Weiner said.

Mike Wylie, assistant manager at Student Book Store, 421 E. Grand River Ave., said there are mostly students employed at the bookstore.

“For this summer we had 25 applications and we have hired seven to eight of them. Eighty five percent of our staff are students who are mainly from MSU, but we also have students from LCC. However, There are 50 percent more student employees in fall semester.”

There are plenty of opportunities to explore on campus too. MSU Greenline Recruiting Manager Shaylyn Sinclair said they always are looking for employing new hires, especially in the summer.

“A lot of spots are available because many students go back home. The eligibility to apply is to be a part-time or full-time student enrolled at MSU,” Sinclair said.

Saving money was the main reason psychology sophomore Kaitlyn Bushbaker decided to work this summer. Bushbaker said she applied to Eagle Eye Golf Club and Lou & Harry’s Sports Bar and Grill, amongst job opportunities on

“I am looking for some place that pays above minimum wage, closer to home and (is) fun,” Bushbaker said. “I am working this summer to save for a car and a study abroad program. I am not applying for summer internships this year. I am just focusing on saving money this summer.”


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