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Maurice Ager trades basketball for beats

March 27, 2013
	<p>Former <span class="caps">MSU</span> basketball player, Maurice Ager, has turned his jersey in for a career in the rap music industry. Photo courtesy of Dan Dugger. </p>

Former MSU basketball player, Maurice Ager, has turned his jersey in for a career in the rap music industry. Photo courtesy of Dan Dugger.

Photo by Berni Perez | The State News

As a Spartan, former basketball player Maurice Ager was known for his high-flying dunks and formidable backcourt with then-teammate and current Phoenix Suns player Shannon Brown.

Now that his playing career is finished, Ager has moved into the next phase of his career: designing beats and occasionally rapping under his nickname “Moe Ager.”

As a kid, Ager said his mom exposed him to a lot of older music, which developed his love for it. He later joined his elementary school’s glee club.

“I was in the glee club from third to fourth grade, and a lot of songs that we would sing were old Motown songs, so that’s how I got started with music,” he said.

He started producing music during his senior year at Crockett High School, in Detroit, and continued into his college days.

“I was doing a lot of stuff, especially for the college kids on campus,” he said. “I was doing something for the little local artists; I worked with big artists such as 3rd Degree.”

MSU alumnus Dan Dugger, who is a close friend of Ager and serves as his manager, said Ager always had a natural gift in music.

“It took off when people actually realized he’s not just an athlete who plays music, he’s a musician that happened to play sports,” Dugger said.

Ager produced music as an NBA player as well. When he wasn’t in practice, Ager would produce music in his home studio. Though he didn’t make any songs with his NBA teammates, he has done music with former MSU basketball player Morris Peterson.

“He dibbles and dabbles in music,” Ager said. “I’ve worked with him in the last year or so — give him some traction, develop his rap skills.”

Ager’s single, “Forever I’m a Spartan,” and his debut album, “Moe Town,” can be found on iTunes, Inc. and his website, Dagger said that “Moe Town” separates Ager from the countless other basketball players who have dallied with music.

“Moe’s legitimate, and I think we’re seeing it now with the album,” he said. “It’s impressive when you realize that Moe wrote the lyrics and produced most of the tracks. It’s not cosmetic; the tracks have depth.”

Ager said hip-hop and basketball often go hand in hand.

“It’s one or the other when you’re growing up,” he said. “Most players come from an urban society, and they listen to hip-hop. You listen to hip-hop going to the game. Can’t have one without the other.”

Kinesiology sophomore Nick Clark, who is a self-proclaimed Maurice Ager fan, said he’d love to check out Ager’s music.

“I love rap, and I think it’s cool how he’s multi-talented,” Clark said. “Definitely want to check out some of his stuff. I haven’t yet, but I can imagine it’s pretty good.”

Ager also gave a prediction for the upcoming MSU-Duke game on Friday.

“Michigan State is gonna win by eight,” he said. “And make it to the Final Four, and win it all.”


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