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Saper Galleries unveil 'Magic Realism' pieces

February 3, 2013

Saper Galleries and Custom Framing brings realism, surrealism and illusionism to East Lansing.
The gallery, 433 Albert Ave., opened “The Magic Realism of Rob Gonsalves” exhibit to the public yesterday from 1 to 4 p.m.

Saper Galleries owner Roy Saper, an MSU alumnus, was excited for people to experience Gonsalves’ work.

“This guy is so inventive,” Saper said. “I really like his work and he’s a great person.”

Rob Gonsalves is a Canadian-born artist whose work captures both surrealism and illusionism.

The exhibit contained 11 of Gonsalves’ framed and unframed works that are available for purchase.
Each piece is something Saper believes is understandable for both children and adults.

“This is art for the 100 percent, not the 1 percent,” Saper said. “Rob Gonsalves would appeal to everyone.”

Saper admires how effortless and “,outside of the box” Gonsalves works are.

“He starts with a white box and turns it inside out,” Saper said.

It has been nine years since Saper Galleries held an exhibit of Gonsalves’ work. In 2004 the gallery displayed 67 pieces by the artist, who also attended the event.

According to Saper, Gonsalves’ work, along with every piece displayed in the gallery, was chosen because of his personal enjoyment.

“I wanted to introduce the community to an artist who is current, young and significant worldwide for his work,” he said.

Aside from displaying works, Saper said he also enjoys working with MSU students.
“I love MSU students coming more than anyone else,” he said.

“Too often on campus (they’re) stuck in the grind of going to class, going to the cafeteria and studying. This place offers students a break.”

Saper believes the gallery is a great place for students to discover and learn about art.

In the past, he has spoken to a group of education and poetry students about art and poetry, as well as human medicine students about the calming effects of art.

“A lot of classes come here. This is a classroom … And what better place to learn and discover than here?” Saper said.

MSU alumna Michelle Jekel attended the exhibit and appreciated Saper’s wide selection of works.
“I always come back to roam MSU’s campus. I’m really glad I came in,” she said.

Suzanne Lowe, who considers herself an appreciator of art believes Saper Galleries is great for the community.

“We are very fortunate to have Saper Galleries here,” she said. “The Magic Realism of Rob Gonsalves” will be displayed throughout March.

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