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MSU samples new Mountain Dew

November 7, 2010

Students and tailgaters gathered at the FanDEWmonium tent Saturday morning on the corner of Red Cedar Road and Shaw Lane to sample eight different flavors of Diet Mountain Dew and cast their vote on which two flavors should be mass-produced. The event gave fans the opportunity to help decide what the new flavors of Diet Mountain Dew should be in the context of a fun tailgating environment.

Photo by Lauren Gibbons | The State News

Students and tailgaters alike were offered free drinks at the FanDEWmonium tent Saturday morning as part of a nationwide campaign to decide the new flavor of Diet Mountain Dew.

FanDEWmonium is a promotional tour sponsored by Mountain Dew as a way to involve fans of the drink in determining two new Diet Mountain Dew flavors slated to hit stores in March 2011. The campaign is split into Midwest and Southwest tours and will stop at a total of 40 different locations. The Midwest tour came to MSU on Saturday to join throngs of Spartan tailgaters for the football game against Minnesota.

Participants in the tour were given samples of eight prospective flavors and asked to complete a tiered bracket on computers based on the flavors they liked best. Their votes will be added to the national score and eventually lead to a decision about the two flavors put in stores.

Visitors to the tent also were given the opportunity to play cornhole, have their faces painted and participate in other tailgate activities.

Michelle Clark, manager of FanDEWmonium’s Midwest tour, said the bracket setup and tailgate setting of FanDEWmonium was designed to reach out to Mountain Dew’s typical demographic and also to sports fans in general.

“Mountain Dew as a brand is really about living the lifestyle, and that’s why we’re out here trying to have fun,” Clark said.

Clark said the current favorite among fans is Diet Mountain Dew Voltage, a raspberry and citrus-flavored drink with a shot of ginseng. She said Diet Mountain Dew Supernova, flavored with strawberry, melon and ginseng, is a close second.

After drinking samples of each flavor, general management freshman Kazam Sheikh said the Diet Mountain Dew Crave was his favorite. He said Mountain Dew’s decision to involve fans of the drink in choosing the product eventually sold in stores was a good one.

“It’s amazing,” Sheikh said. “(Mountain Dew) has all these different flavors and every flavor is good, but they give us a choice on which one is going to be the next one to make it big — the next flavor in the lineup to buy in your local grocery store.”

Other tailgaters who came across the FanDEWmonium tent had similar reactions. Charlotte, Mich., resident Casey Reynolds said it was a smart way for Mountain Dew to put its name out there and he appreciated the free drinks. He said he enjoyed Diet Mountain Dew Supernova the most of all the flavors he tried.

“It just tasted the best, and it sent a good sensation through my tongue,” Reynolds said.

Clark said involving people who actually will drink the new Diet Mountain Dew flavors was a big part of Mountain Dew’s decision in holding the FanDEWmonium tour.
“If (students) like a flavor and they vote for it and it wins, it will actually come out in stores,” Clark said.

“It’s not like we’re just doing this for the fun of it. We really want to know what people think.”

Mountain Dew fans who might have missed the FanDEWmonium tailgate tent on Saturday still can complete a bracket to vote for their favorite flavors online at

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