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Seniors get ready for final hurrah

October 13, 2005

Mickey Davis, Brooke Langston, Megan Wallin and Marley Bellwood came into MSU together. They learned to play volleyball at a college level together. They went through the teams' freshman ritual of carrying upperclassmen's luggage to away games together.

It's now five years later, and the four seniors on the MSU volleyball team are all about to go out together. They have shared the struggles and the successes of their college volleyball years and will be passing the torch on to younger ones.

But for now, the four are just enjoying their final games together.

"It's amazing," Davis said. "I never thought I would be able to play with all the seniors on the same court."

All four girls lead the team in some aspect of the game. Wallin ranks second on the team with 3.33 kills per game. Davis leads in assists with 13.41 per game. Bellwood is second in digs per game with 2.52. Langston leads the team with .75 blocks per game.

The four have also become vocal leaders on the court, something the team had been missing in previous seasons.

"So we consistently criticize people," Langston said. "Sometimes the freshmen look at us like, 'What are you telling me that for?' But that's something we're accustomed to doing."

Head coach Cathy George said the seniors' leadership is pushing the rest of the team to perform better this season.

"They're very driven," George said.

"They really want to see this year be successful. They want to go back to the NCAA tournament. They're focused on their goal."

While the team's veteran players are going to be hard to replace, they're trying to lead by example while they're still here to help make the transition smoother.

"Our team is in a good position, starting to prove their name again," Davis said.

After sharing sweat and tears for the last four years, the girls have become like a family. They hang out when they're not playing. Wallin and Langston even live together.

"We're like sisters," Langston said.

"We fight like sisters. We love each other like sisters. We've been through a lot together."

Langston said it will be hard to say goodbye when the seniors play their last game together on Nov. 26.

"That's going to be a sad day," Langston said.

"It's starting to kick in. I'm not ready for the real world, with getting a job and stuff. I'm not going to be able to play my days away any more."


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