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Dark New Day's debut definitely worth replaying

June 27, 2005

With their first release, "Twelve Year Silence," Dark New Day proves they have a lot of musical wisdom and talent that's helping them make some noise in the rock world.

Dark New Day is composed of members who knew each other when they were teenagers. Three of the members, brothers Corey and Clint Lowery and their friend Troy McLawhorn, learned how to play the guitar together. Musicians Will Hunt and Brett Hestla met the others in a band circuit when they were in competing bands.

Each followed a different path that would lead them together many years later. Each musician has paid his dues, playing with Tommy Lee and with groups like Sevendust, Creed and Skrape.

The entire CD is a combination of their musical capabilities and ideas they've accumulated over the years. A strength and major difference that sets this group apart from others in its genre is the members' ability to use five-part harmony, something that is not common in rock.

Surprisingly, the album sounds good and definitely will have the listener pressing the replay button. Their first single, "Brother," demonstrates the unusual ability of the rock band. The track is emotional, pulling the audience in the moment the guitar rifts kick in.

Frontman Hestla leaves the audience awestruck with his rugged, spirited and constantly elevating vocals. The track works because Hestla has a clear voice when he sings, and that emphasizes the lyrics. The song is about a father who abandons his family and the question of when he'll come back.

The band gets major kudos for an even better track, "Taking Me Alive." The vocals are excellent and create powerful emotions, such as anger and frustration. This first track sets the tempo for the rest of the CD.

From the start of the song, the listener should expect some awesome drumming, soul-pulling vocals and replay-worthy guitar solos. The song is standout because it's to the point and not a blow-off intro. The band wastes no time giving the listener what was paid for - good music.

Other songs on the album, such as "Lean," "Bare Bones" and "Pieces," all fit the good music category as well. There's a switch of the lead vocals and a diversity of sound on other songs. The vocals are even better because everyone in the group can sing. Dark New Day will definitely be a name on an award envelope at a music awards ceremony soon if they keep this up.


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