Thursday, February 22, 2024

Hidden Agenda's newest hit-or-miss

December 1, 2003

In a letter to me, keyboardist Joe Denslow made it clear his band has no hidden agenda with its debut album, "Believe In America."

The Lansing-based quartet known as Hidden Agenda has been making music since the '80s, but has finally released its 15-track album, full of mellow melodies that will put most minds at ease or even into contemplation.

Hidden Agenda does fall short in some areas, such as showing off its vocal talent as well as it could, but for the low-key music fan, the album should strike a chord. Each song sort of blends into the other, which produces a well-flowing, yet simultaneously redundant, album.

There is one song that breaks the typical flow of the album. In "What Makes You Run," lead vocalist Darin Larner shows off his singing prowess by actually inflecting his voice, much more so than in the other 14 monotone tracks.

The album finally did have some "oomph," but it was on the 13th track. That's not to say the album is bad -


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