Thursday, February 2, 2023

Writer marginalizes groups on campus

November 14, 2003

Tom Amon's letter "SN Opinion Page has liberal biases" concerning The State News opinion section was patently outrageous.

Amon claims that "the opinion pieces are overwhelmingly written by far-left liberals, lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgender members or someone slamming conservatives."

All State News readers should know that Amon's associative stereotyping of lesbians and gays as "liberals" is far from true.

Many lesbian, gay and transgender people can be found in all parts of the political spectrum.

While Amon apparently seeks to engage in further marginalizing these students (and other people) in our campus and larger society, perhaps he should instead spend more time actually crafting an argument in response to opinions he disagrees with.

A well-crafted argument will carry far more weight in the public sphere than thinly veiled homophobia.

I challenge Amon instead to learn from State News columnist TJ Jourian and craft powerful, rational arguments for his own perspective, rather than making "whine" from "sour grapes."

Christopher Chase
doctoral fellow


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