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Dance supports sorority

Event gathers students together for new semester

September 3, 2002
Mark Woodward, center, shows off his moves at the multicultural dance put on by the Zeta Sigma Chi at the Union on Friday night. Woodward, a mechanical engineering freshman, is backed up by his friends who call themselves “The Brody Boyz.” —

Calling themselves “The Brody Boyz,” five students busted a move on the Union Ballroom floor Friday.

One phrase summed up their purpose for attending the event.

To “dance ’til you can’t dance no more,” computer engineering freshman Kenny Morgan said.

Morgan and his friends had the opportunity to have fun while supporting MSU’s chapter of the Zeta Sigma Chi multicultural sorority.

The sorority hosted a dance from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. in the Union with a $5 entrance charge to cover the cost of the room rental, disc jockey and decorations.

“It’s a good place to get to know people,” Eliud Rodriguez said.

A Texas native, Rodriguez decided to visit the multicultural dance with his friends from Case Hall.

Enjoying a disco ball throwing white light around the ballroom, Rodriguez said he appreciated a chance to enjoy music and an opportunity to have fun for a good cause.

“I especially love hip-hop,” he said.

Electrical engineering sophomore Fardowsa Hajiabdi said she also enjoyed the music, but was waiting to dance until more students showed up.

The dance floor, which remained empty at the beginning of the night, started to fill up toward the evening’s close.

Zeta Sigma Chi members decided to throw the party as a way for minorities on campus to come together as a start to the new semester, said Jennifer Tanney, the sorority’s chapter president.

“During Welcome Week there is such a point to recognize each of the minorities separately,” she said. “This one’s for everyone.”

To accommodate the diversity of attendance, the sorority members planned a variety of music including reggae, hip-hop and Latino, Tanney said.

“The crowds are so diverse,” she said. “You’ll see all sorts of people out there dancing.”

Tanney also said an aim was to bring a minority social activity onto campus and create a safe, friendly atmosphere.

“Minorities tend to have parties off campus,” she said. “It’s a big deal we’re having three events this semester on campus.”

Aside from the welcome dance, Zeta Sigma Chi plans to host two more activities throughout the fall. The sorority members have been planning Friday’s event since April.

Mechanical engineering freshman Mark Woodward said he appreciated the efforts of some of the sorority members, who were dancing in a cluster near the DJ.

Following his “natural instincts,” Woodward began to make his way toward the women dancing his way into their circle.

“I’m gonna hit on all of ‘em,” he said.


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