Thursday, February 2, 2023

McPherson Professorship hosts prominent speakers

December 7, 2001

University officials finalized plans Thursday to bring two distinguished speakers to campus next semester as part of the McPherson Professorship for the Understanding of Science.

Brian Greene, a professor of physics and mathematics at Columbia University, and Ira Flatow, a science correspondent for National Public Radio, will each spend a week at MSU, presenting publicly and interacting with various classes.

The McPherson Professorship was set up by MSU President M. Peter McPherson and his wife, Joanne, after an anonymous individual donated $2 million to the university last fall to integrate and expand science understanding.

“I think the concept of this program is an important one, and I’m pleased to see that we have these outstanding people coming,” McPherson said.

“(Greene is) considered to be a master at explaining very complicated fundamental physical science issues in a way that people who are not scientists can understand,” said Ronald Fisher, Honors College director and chairperson of the professorship committee.

An Emmy award-winning science journalist, Flatow’s radio show, “Talk of the Nation Science Friday,” will likely broadcast live from MSU, Fisher said.


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