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Program says, Go green, go white, go get a job!

July 26, 2001

College is supposed to be the greatest time in your life, but sometimes students have too much fun and forget about their careers.

Ken Parsons, a philosophy graduate student, said he feels society plays a part in why students don’t take finding a job or career seriously.

“We live in a world that accepts extreme debt and parents financing for their kid’s education,” Parsons said.

The Career Development Center is here to help impress upon students just how important a career is. From 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Wednesday, it will host a one-day seminar that will provide career and employment information for students.

The Spartan Sendoff program, which will be held at 113 Student Services, will help recent graduates and graduating seniors who are struggling to find a job.

“The program was launched in May of this year and so far we’ve had two successful sessions so far,” said Linda Gross, assistant director of Career Services & Placement, which oversees the development center.

Gross said some students don’t put careers at the forefront of their minds.

“There are a lot of students out there who put their careers on the back burner, and this program is designed to help those type of students,” she said. “We want to be sure that students are where they need to be and more importantly, where they want to be.”

The program will include topics like developing a portfolio, interviewing strategies, using the Internet as a career tool and building a solid résumé. There will also be interactive activities.

Jennifer Leedy, a career information coordinator for the Career Development Center, will be presenting students with ways to develop a portfolio.

“Portfolios help showcase your skills. If you say you have good communication skills, you’ll need materials to verify it,” Leedy said.

The topics that will be presented are all designed to make students more marketable. It also gives them a chance to get assistance.

Eighty-one people have signed up so far. The coordinators of the program have a set a capacity of 60 people, and there is a waiting list. But the coordinators say there may be some cancellations, and students should still feel free to sign up.

“It’s never too late and it’s never to early to get started,” Leedy said. “Students develop at different speeds.”

To sign up for the Spartan Sendoff, visit and click on the link.


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