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Group presents housing option

July 12, 2001

Students who are looking for an alternative to dorm life or other off-campus options can attend the Student Housing Corporation’s co-operative open house today.

The event begins at 5 p.m. at the Phoenix co-operative house, 239 Oakhill Ave.

The Student Housing Corporation is a nonprofit organization and is organized by co-op members to educate students about the benefits of the housing alternative.

Co-operative housing gives students experience with home ownership, because the students who live in the home are basically the owners, interdisciplinary studies in humanities junior Nicole Ramp said.

“Everyone who lives in a house buys a share of the Student Housing Corporation,” Ramp said. “Essentially, you become a homeowner, except you don’t have to worry about maintaining the home by yourself.”

Occupants pay one bill each month that covers rent and utility bills. The bill consists of a base fee of $270 that each member must pay, then prices increase according to the benefits offered by specific houses.

Because the corporation is nonprofit, each co-op must raise money to maintain its existence.

“Initially, the base price was pooled together from the student occupants to pay down payments on new homes and mortgages,” said Gavin Craig, member services coordinator for the corporation and a 2001 MSU graduate. “Now the money is used to fund the day-to-day operations of the Student Housing Corporation.”

Besides getting a deal on rent and bills, residents praise their living environment for personal reasons.

Ramp, who lives in the Atlantis co-operative house, 207 Bogue St., was a mentor in Wonders Hall last year. She moved out of the residence halls to co-op housing to be part of a smaller, more personal community.

Communication senior Kelly Hoover lives in the New Community co-operative house, 425 Ann St. She said she appreciates having control of her living environment.

“We meet once a month to discuss what’s working in the house and things that could be changed,” Hoover said. “All members have an equal right to voice their opinion or make a suggestion to improve the home.”

Many co-op members agree the best part of co-op housing is having the opportunity to meet new people.

“You get the chance to meet people that have similar goals as you, yet they are so different,” Hoover said.

For more information about the Student Housing Corporation and co-op housing, call 355-8313.


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