Saturday, December 4, 2021

Tower is closing because of prices

I am writing in response to the article in Friday’s paper regarding the closing of Tower Records on Grand River Avenue (“Tower to close, blames Napster,” SN 4/13).

I find it interesting how it blames Napster - like everyone in the music industry seems to be doing. I think the store should look at itself as a main source of the problem. It has charged a lot more than other stores in the area for the same products.

There is a plethora of music stores along Grand River Avenue and beyond that offer the same music at a much cheaper price. This is what is needed and thankfully exists in East Lansing, a college town of penny-pinched students.

Another source of competition, which was completely neglected in Tower’s complaints, are online merchants. Web sites such as, eBay, Yahoo Auctions, and CDnow all offer lower prices than Tower. Not only are they lower priced, but between these sites, one can pretty much find any CD he/she is looking for.

Granted, Tower may have a good selection of products. However, its prices are way too high. Maybe this will teach the chain a lesson in competition. It is nice to see stores like Flat Black & Circular survive and the major chain die. Napster may have taken away some of Tower’s business; but I know lots of people who use Napster to preview albums and see if they feel it necessary to purchase. These people are happy they have Napster because it’s upsetting to pay $20 at Tower and not like it.

To those upset by the closing of Tower, you may not be happy now, but you will soon realize the wonders of the Internet’s variety of searching tools to find what music you want. Also, you will discover how great these smaller, not as publicized stores are.

To those who already are avoiding Tower because of its outrageous prices, I commend you. Thanks for keeping the smaller chains alive and thriving. That is a key to the college town - small music shops that carry everything and anything.

Who would pay $20 for a CD at Tower, when you can get it almost anywhere else for cheaper?

Paul Kalinka
computer science sophomore


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