Monday, November 29, 2021

Conference not covered enough

One of the vital roles of a university is to allow for freedom of thought and understanding while expanding the learning environment available to both students and the community.

This past week, MSU took a large step toward providing an atmosphere that is compatible with such a role. Unfortunately, no one knew about this opportunity. During the week of April 2-6, there was a race and race relations conference on campus.

It dealt with a wide range of topics in both an informational and socially relevant way. There were both workshops and speeches, which gave people the chance to take a look at things that affect a large proportion of our community and society. It was culminated with a powerful and provocative speech given by none other than our former vice presidential candidate, Winona LaDuke.

The sad aspect of the entire thing was that our own State News gave this event about as much publicity as it does to most women’s sporting events (“Scholars gather to speak on race relations,” SN 4/6). In all honesty, even much less. What bothers me is this undermines our ability to make use of the most important facilities such a large university offers - namely, knowledge.

Had there been more publicity for this event, I assume the turnout - though not bad - would have been much larger. At the very least, there should be much more accessibility to such information, whether it be through The State News or other university sources.

It’s a gross atrocity that important events of this nature can pass by unnoticed. If you agree with what I have said, please make your opinion known to both the university and The State News in an effort to discontinue such negligence.

Joey Marogil
accounting senior


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