Saturday, December 4, 2021

Column reflects hate, prejudice

John La Fleur’s column is a good example of the line of thinking that causes hatred and prejudice in society today. It is an outrage that it was even published - why something that is based on La Fleur’s fear and ignorance concerning homosexuality was published is beyond me.

I am not going to rehash all of La Fleur’s comments because we have read them and are aware of them. The main issue at hand here is that his comments are an example of hatred against homosexual relationships. With La Fleur’s comments, this has gone beyond what constitutes an opinion piece; this is just an outlet that he has chosen to express his fear and loathing for a certain type of lifestyle that he chooses not to understand.

La Fleur’s comments have only been influenced by ignorance. I find it disturbing that he has dehumanized homosexuals in comparing them to dogs. This is not a choice, and that is the way he is treating it - which is an easy way to deal with something he fears. I’m not going to keep going on any longer about this, it sickens me that this type of ignorance exists and that The State News allowed it to be published.

Dave Upell
Spanish senior


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