Tuesday, October 19, 2021

CCW law wont increase crime

However much I disagree with Ashley Bell’sopinion of Michigan’s new concealed weapons law (“Concealed weapons will increase guns,” SN 3/23), I commend her for explaining the bill objectively, as many people like the “Million” Moms (numbering closer to five) and the press fail to do. This misinformation accounts for negative opinion of the new law.

To explain why reform is needed, our current (and racist) CCW law’s drawbacks should be pointed out. Until July 1, to qualify for a CCW permit, an explanation must be given as to why you need one. No matter how good you think your reason is (i.e. living in a gangland) your request may still be denied. This relativity was implemented in many states to keep weapons away from freed black slaves; most of the old CCW laws were passed immediately after Nat Turner’s rebellion in 1831.

By refusing to have an objective standard, it was “legal” (however unconstitutional) to deny somebody his or her rights. Through government assurance that a black man would be unarmed, it was easier for lynch mobs to murder the defenseless. Any law having a racist and unconstitutional basis such as this has no place in our American justice system.

Presently, 31 other states in America have either identical or similar laws like our new CCW law. Violent crime in these states has diminished up to 80 percent in some cases. Criminals do think twice when planning their next rape or murder, especially when the chances they will be the ones to lose their lives are increased exponentially. Accidental shootings have stayed at the same levels in the 31 states as well.

But Bell’s comment, “I would love it if the possession of handgun and assault weapons was only legally available to law enforcement and military personnel,” truly scares me. The only result from gun control can be found in terrifying police states and Orwellian nightmares like Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia, Communist China, etc.

George Washington said it best: “A free people ought to be armed.”

Kevin E. Greaney
finance sophomore


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