Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Good Friday can be celebrated

I am writing in response to Eric Bjornstad’s letter about having a day off in honor of Jesus Christ (“Christ deserves day off like MLK,” SN 1/22). The last time I checked, this was a public university, not a private one. If you’d like to go to a university that celebrates the religious figure of your choice, I think there are many options - there are Christian schools all over the United States.

Why should we have Good Friday off? If I’m Jewish, Good Friday doesn’t mean a heck of a lot to me. Nor does it mean much if I’m atheist, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, Wiccan or any of the plethora of religions that can be found around this campus.

MSU has a policy on religious holidays that is designed to respect students’ religious practices while ensuring that students continue to make academic progress. If a student is going to miss class due to a religious holiday, he or she can meet with the instructor to make arrangements. So, if Good Friday is something you want to observe, do it. No one’s stopping you.

I pay a lot of money to attend this university. I’m here for an education. If I have religious holidays to celebrate, I’ll do so. But I won’t expect everyone else to lose a day of class for my religious beliefs.

Krista Kane
psychology senior


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