Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Assaults usually cause injuries

This letter is in response to Jeremy W. Steele’s article “Woman sexually attacked on campus” (SN 1/23). In the article, there was a comment by the police: “She was not injured.” Why would the MSU police make such a statement if this woman was sexually assaulted? This is often a traumatic event in the lives of those who experience it and should not be treated with a dismissive attitude.

But the worst message was that women are responsible for preventing rape. It may make women feel safer to take a self-defense course or “be careful” in certain situations, but this will only decrease a woman’s chances of getting raped, which is one in three in a lifetime. And peepholes have absolutely nothing to do with the sexual assault discussed in this article.

This woman met a cute guy at a party and asked him back to her dorm room to talk or, gasp, make out with. She felt safe in her own room. Does this mean she deserves to be sexually assaulted? Absolutely not.

The real responsibility lies with the people who rape other human beings. I’m shocked everyone on this campus isn’t outraged this woman was violated. The response of the MSU police, The State News and I’m sure many readers provides testimony to why only very few campus rapes were reported last year. It’s time for people to quit being cowards. Hold these criminals accountable and stop trying to blame victims into silence.

Nicole Ramp
communication sophomore,
sexual assault counselor at the Listening Ear Crisis Intervention Center


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