Monday, August 2, 2021

Ashcrofts record speaks for itself

John Ashcroft shouldn’t have to defend himself against attacks of racial profiling. His track record speaks loudly that despite race or political lines, his purpose is to protect the innocent and punish the guilty.
Why then did he vote against Judge Ronnie White in his promotion to lifetime federal judgeship? A move that has been called politically stupid and an embarrassment to the Republican party was a move of integrity consistent to his character.
In a Missouri Supreme Court decision, White supported a convicted and self-acknowledged murderer. In 1991, James Johnson went on a killing spree and murdered three police officers as well as Pam Jones, the wife of Sheriff Kenny Jones. Ms. Jones was sitting next to her 8-year-old daughter conducting Bible study in her home when Johnson shot her five times through the window. He admitted to all of the killings but later appealed to the Missouri Supreme Court with claims of technicality and a miscarriage of justice. All the justices on the bench except one found Johnson’s claim absurd. White sympathetically used Johnson’s mental condition as a basis to let him off.
You decide do you want a man who overlooks four murders, all of which were attacks on law enforcement, presiding as a federal judge? Ashcroft didn’t either.
In no way can the White decision be basis for claims of racial profiling, instead I’m accusing him of respect for national law, integrity, character, and courage.

Lori Preston
public resource management junior


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