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Hubbard to serve Native American meal

November 27, 2000

Students can savor a sampling of Native American culture Tuesday.

Hubbard Hall is offering a Native American dinner, the second of four culinary events focused on bringing diversity to residence hall dining rooms.

“It’s to give the students on campus the ability to experience authentic cooking from various cultures,” Food Services Coordinator Bruce Haskell said. “And it gives them the opportunity to experience things they wouldn’t normally experience.”

The event, which will be held from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., will feature well-known culinarians Eva and Robin Menefee. The pair, who have been cooking Native American meals nearly all their lives, are known for catering several powwow events in Michigan.

The Menefees will bring several items to the menu, including frybread, venison, wild rice, succotash and a variety of native fruits and berries.

Besides the cuisine, Native American culture and tradition will be presented with dances, music, displays and decorations.

Darren Kroenke, co-chair of the North American Indian Student Organization, said the events are a welcome sign for many ethnic and racial groups that have desired to bring authentically prepared food to campus tables.

“I think it’s a good step in a positive direction for this type of cooperation to go on, and to bring in outside people to share an intimate aspect of native culture (like) food,” said Kroenke, an international relations and German senior.

“I’m very pleased that the university is opening its doors and offering opportunities like this.”

An Asian Pacific American dinner was held last month and Latin American and African American cultural dinners are planned for February and March.

Kroenke said the dinners are valued for helping to increase understanding among different cultures.

“I think that, most importantly, events that expose students to Native American culture are positive because they break down a lot of stereotypes that people have,” Kroenke said. “The culture is living and vibrant and it’s not something you can only find in museums.”


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