Thursday, November 26, 2020

Football teaches life lessons

This letter is in response to Greg Brown’s letter about high school football (“Football is killing country’s youth,” SN 11/6). While Brown is entitled to his opinion, I would like to offer my side of the argument in this, the season of political propaganda.

Unfortunate incidences happen in all areas of life - work, play and even academics. Does this mean we should all stay in our houses and live sheltered lives?

I will be the last one to say that the death of a teenager isn’t the worst thing imaginable. I will state that just as the acts of driving a car or fishing in a boat have their dangers, high school football has more rewards than downfalls.

Prior to attending MSU, I participated in nine years of organized football. I, like every other person who has ever strapped on shoulder pads, knew the dangers of the sport and participated by my own free will. Was I scared sometimes? Yes. Was I injured? Broken shoulder, broken fingers, sprained ankles and stitches. Would I trade that “life threatening” experience for anything? No.

I would never claim to be anything more than what I am - an average student at a great university. I will contend that many of my positive qualities are due to the rough, long hours I spent being smacked around between the lines.

High school football isn’t evil. It is an institution quite like college, teaching young adults about hard work, dedication and facing their fears. Most of all, football teaches that nothing comes to those who don’t work hard and take risks.

Nathan Jorgensen
communication sophomore


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