Thursday, November 26, 2020

Football letter missed point

This is in response to Steve Milkiewicz’s letter (“Football is not a leading killer,” SN 11/7). Steve, I think you need to look a little deeper into Greg Brown’s article about football as a national killer of children. In his letter, Mr. Brown recommends the following government regulations: required registration to play football, photo IDs, 100 hours of government training and doctor inspections. Hmm, these sound like the same regulations that the government are attempting to place on gun owners. Maybe if you replace the word “fun” in Brown’s article with the word “rights,” you could see a different meaning behind the article. Perhaps Mr. Brown is simply attempting to prove a point about government regulation in general.

So, Steve, read the letter again because I think you missed a few key points there.

Patrick Gavin
finance senior


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