Thursday, November 26, 2020

Election wont look well in books

In response to the Robin Sanborn’s letter about this year’s election being one for the history books - that may very well be the case (“Election is one for the history books,” SN 11/17). But the real problems are overlooked and the wrong things are being glorified.

Stop swallowing all of this rhetorical nonsense about your vote counting. This isn’t a great time to be an American, it’s a frightening time. The idea of questioning our “founding fathers” is handled much too lightly. The notion that the pillars of this country must be revised in order to make room for more gargoyles on top is beyond preposterous. The Constitution and our electoral process should not be in question. For one thing, this election is a fluke. It won’t ever turn out like this again.

Secondly, neither George “d.W.i.” Bush nor Al Gore nor Dan Quayle are worth our time. They’re all going to make a hash of things. But we cannot go to such grand lengths of changing even one iamb of our nation’s most precious documents because of an electoral fluke. We cannot cater any more than we already have to the morons that we have elected, because if we make such a drastic change which says that the current travesty is right, that Bush and Gore are right, it calls into question everything.

Jason Stys
1999 alumnus


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