Thursday, November 26, 2020

Election ballots can be confusing

Read the directions first. What directions? Voting in Meridian Township on Election Day, I had some small experience of what those Palm Beach County, Fla., voters must have gone through.

Almost an hour after checking in with the polling staffers, I found myself on the last pages of the voting pamphlet. I had the “voting instrument” in my hand and was beginning to make my punch for the infamous Proposal 1 when I realized that the hole nearest the wording for the proposal was actually for the township proposition on the next page. The voting space for Proposal 1 was lower down. My right hand, holding the punch pin, had at first covered up the text on the right. I punched the correct space and hurried to leave so that the next person in the long line waiting to vote could have her opportunity and get to work on time. Only at the last second did I check to see that I had not punched both holes by mistake.

Looking at the image of the contested ballot from Florida, I had a slight wave of déj


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