Saturday, November 28, 2020

U-M column was mindless babble

I have recently read a column out of The Michigan Daily that was brought to my attention by a separate column in The State News (“Daily columnist casts shame on Maize and Blue,” SN 10/13). Now, I know that I am a mere shikse from MSU, but I too would like to express my opinion just as boldly as Erin McQuinn did.

When I first set eyes upon the stirring article, “A Weekend in East Lansing makes me appreciate A2,” my feeble, high school-like mind-set was intrigued. I was fearful that I would not be able to understand the magnanimous words that I was sure to encounter. After all, a student from the celebrated University of Michigan wrote the column. My beliefs were soon confirmed as I came across perplexing, polysyllabic words such as “booty pants” and “sketchy” mixed with intricate, confounding phrases like “500 times better” and “could care less.”

Once I managed to get through the less than mediocre commentary, I found that not only was I offended, but I realized that McQuinn was just spouting out mindless babble that had somehow been mistaken for an editorial piece. I was amazed that even a school as liberal as U-M considered her explication of MSU to be print worthy. At least everyone now knows why there is no journalism school at U-M. It is my understanding that this column was supposed to be an example of shock journalism - my only response to this is that it was the most abhorrent example that I have ever come across. Not only was the piece inadequately written, but all in all, it was just plain juvenile.

McQuinn’s emphasis on material possessions was enough to revolt any normal human being. McQuinn, each and every one of us at MSU is now a better person for knowing that you have a Michael Stars shirt and booty pants. Your advice concerning our fashion faux paux will surely help every Spartan girl to become much less homely.

Before I conclude my retort to your example of shock journalism, I would like to acquaint you with some of my thoughts about the home of the “Big House.” You say that your article was shock journalism, but you have just perpetuated the U-M stereotype to anyone who reads your analysis of my fine school. If I was a Wolverine, I would be ashamed that my tuition dollars go to publishing presumptuous pieces such as yours. I would be disconcerted that you had implied that everyone at the university was an “arrogant asshole,” and I would be appalled by the conceit that you have displayed. I would expect more out of a girl from the plain state of Michigan.

A few departing hints for the next great work, I’m sure you could care less about our ACT scores, but most people couldn’t care less. And McQuinn, I don’t recall any riots after winning.

Claire Lockhart
no-preference sophomore


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