Wednesday, February 21, 2024


Its up to students to take challenging college courses

MSU students should not worry about being in the minority if they think their courses are too easy. Recently, more than a few have expressed their opinions toward the university required classes - deeming them to be too easy and quite unnecessary.

This has become an issue for more than just MSU students. A nationwide poll conducted by the Foundation for Academic Standards & Tradition stated that nearly 70 percent of all college students wish that their course loads would be more enriching and challenging. The data stemmed from a 104-question survey of 1,004 randomly selected students from across the nation this year.

Possibly stemming from many areas, there is a reason for the so-called “easy classes.” In reference to the university-required and 100-level classes, which many may feel are not challenging, there is a cause for their existence. Many students entering into the university level are not always “up to speed” on their academic basics. With the mandatory courses, the university now can focus on a level of education that is expected by college students. With these courses, a student becomes well-rounded in addition to becoming equal with fellow students in basic course levels.

High schools, however, still hold some of the responsibility for universities across the nation making “basic” courses mandatory. Many high schools simply do not prepare students for college-level classes and to handle the rigors that higher-level education demands. In high school, it isn’t that difficult to “cruise” through classes, do very little, and still get a passing grade - students shouldn’t be able to do the same at universities. High school teachers are not always pushing their students to their full potentials.

While many students still feel that many of their courses are not challenging academically, their actual course loads should be taken into account. MSU offers many courses ranging from remedial to extremely difficult. Whether it’s organic chemistry or vending machine management, there are courses for all types, regardless of major.

Boredom, or otherwise “light” course loads, should be taken into account with prospective colleges, and majors as well. One college, such as the College of Education, when compared with the College of Engineering, would be difficult for one student, yet extremely easy for another. It all depends on the person and how each major suits him or her.

It is common knowledge to schedule challenging courses for a better education. It is a responsibility to learn which courses will be either easy or difficult. With the right knowledge, certain courses determine whether a student will sail through a semester or claw his or her way up the grading scale. In any case, it is up to students to pass the courses required for their majors, take enriching classes that boost limits and to challenge themselves in the process. College students make the grade even though survey results suggest that a university doesn’t.


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