Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Clinton shouldnt have released oil

I’m writing in response to the decision made by President Clinton to use 5 percent of the national oil reserves in order to alleviate the high energy prices, specifically at the gas pump.

I find his decision to be irresponsible and simply stupid. In the long run, how is tapping into our federal resources going to alleviate high energy prices in the next 50 years? How long are our politicians going to cater to America’s wasteful ignorance of an endless energy supply?

I think it’s time to start investing research and development into an adequate public transportation system that makes it easier to get around town than driving a car. This in itself is a solution to alleviate energy prices - to make public transportation more efficient than driving cars. When is this method of transport going to impact the rest of our country?

In the meantime, I find it absolutely appalling to see thousands of MSU students driving like mad around campus in those beefy sport utility vehicles. There’s no practical reason for such a wasteful source of transportation - except if you’re into status symbols and money.

Kristen Glass
landscape architecture senior


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