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Monday, August 31, 2015 | Last updated: 12:52pm

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Tacos in line to win world record

By Lauryn Schroeder / The State News

With pending approval, the world’s longest taco line successful was created Friday at Demonstration Hall

Beating the previous world record by a landslide, MSU hospitality business seniors Nate Redner and Luke Magnini joined forces with MSU Culinary Services to create a 490-foot taco line with 853 tacos Friday at Demonstration Hall.

Magnini said the project has been in the works for eight months. He stumbled across the previous world record of a 260-foot taco line in February, made by Emory University in Atlanta, Ga.

He discussed the idea with Redner and began constructing a plan to make the idea a reality, he said. Redner contacted Kurt Kwiatkowski, the MSU Culinary Services corporate chef, who loved the idea, Magnini said.

“It was set up in partnership with the Izzone Campout,” Kwiatkowski said. “What better way to give them a little bit of free food, have some fun, break a world record and give MSU a little bit more recognition that it deserves.”

When the Izzone campout was canceled because of weather conditions, the MSU Student Alumni Foundation sent an email to all the registered students, encouraging them still to participate in the event and receive a free meal.

By Josh Radtke / The State News
Michigan State University Culinary Services, from left, student supervisors Laura Essig and Ben Saint-Onge with dining service manager for Rivertrail Donna Svendsen help make the world's longest line tacos on Friday afternoon in Demonstration Hall. The line which formed a giant block "S," was made using 853 tacos with only MSU products.

Both Redner and Magnini said the taco line was a great way to support MSU food products and showcase what the university is capable of accomplishing.

Using only MSU ingredients, the line contained 150 pounds of beef, 35 pounds of cheese and 50 pounds of pico de gallo.

“We made the tortillas in Brody. The beef is a special project between MSU and Michigan Beef Producers. The cheese is from the Dairy Store. And the pico de gallo is 100 percent from the Student Organic Farm,” Redner said.

There were several stamps of approval needed to move the project forward from both MSU and Guinness World Records, Magnini said. MSU chose not to have an official Guinness representative attend because of the “enormous” fee, he said. To fulfill the Guinness World Records requirements, culinary officials were required to record an exact measurement of the taco line.

In addition, a video had to be taken of the lineup and each individual taco had to be counted and documented. Several witnesses and MSU workers also were required to fill out forms documenting Friday’s event.

Now that the event is over, Magnini said the eight-month project was worth the effort.

“It’s really cool to think that eight months ago (the project started) off with a Facebook post … and now it’s a combination of hundreds of people helping out and really making it a reality,” Magnini said.

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