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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

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UN votes to recognize Palestine as nonmember observer state

By Rachel Jackson          Posted: 11/29/12 11:59pm         

The United Nations General Assembly voted to recognize Palestine as a nonmember observer state in the assembly Thursday, amid a series of violent attacks in recent days that has left more than 150 Palestinians and five Israelis dead.

The resolution approving Palestine’s new status was approved 138-9 on the general assembly floor, with 41 abstaining countries.

The vote likely will not prevent further violence from occuring, and it won’t change much on the ground, said Yael Aronoff, an MSU associate professor of international relations who spoke to The State News earlier this week.
Aronoff said the nonmember observer status grants Palestine some symbolic legitimacy, but not much more.

U.S. diplomats criticized the vote, calling it “unfortunate” and “counterproductive” in creating peace.

Any legitimate negotiations in creating an official Palestininan state would have to be recognized by both the Israeli government and Palestinian authorities, Aronoff said.

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