Rapper Bubba Sparxxx takes over The Loft on Saturday night

Doors at the Loft opened at 8 p.m.   and people slowly scattered in through the evening. By 11 p.m., the Loft was packed.

By midnight, the crowd was revved up for Bubba Sparxxx, who is best known for his song “Ms. New Booty."

Bubba Sparxxx took center stage at midnight and his high-energy songs kept attendees dancing for the entirety of his performance. Lights flashed and filled the venue with red, green and blue hues.

Before the rapper took the stage, multiple openers warmed up the crowd. One of the openers,  Dan Amboy, is an MSU alumnus who performed right before Bubba Sparxxx.

Amboy, who goes by D-Boy on stage, performed five original rap songs as the crowd danced along.

Amboy’s songs varied from typical rap beats to covers.

“I’m getting experimental and I hope to inspire people to get creative,” Amboy said.

After Amboy left the stage at 11:45 p.m., the crowd was ready for Bubba Sparxxx.

Bubba Sparxxx opened his performance with “We Ready,”  a rap hit from 2003. During his hour-long performance, he rapped his other tunes such as “Deliverance,”   “Ugly,”   and his new hit “Country Folks.”

The rapper saved his well-known 2006 top hit “Ms. New Booty” for last.

“Ms. New Booty” was performed twice. The first time, the rapper had the stage to himself with fans singing along. During his encore performance, he invited 10 women from the audience to dance for the title of “Ms. New Booty 2014.”

After the women danced, the crowd applauded and cheered to vote for who deserved the title. The winner was awarded a hug from Bubba Sparxxx.

MSU alumna Jane Robertson   said she listened to Bubba Sparxxx during her college days at MSU. Robertson came with her friends and danced the night away.

“He’s what I used to listen to when I was a freshman in college so I wanted to take (myself) back to those freshman college days,” Robertson said.

For others, the night was a chance to gather with old friends.

MSU alumna Angela Castle  said when she heard Bubba Sparxxx was coming to town, she got a group of her out-of-town friends together for a light and fun night of music.

“We came to jam and we had a really good time,” Castle said. “We danced our butts off.”

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