ASMSU Chief of Staff Kiran Samra elected as president

ASMSU, MSU’s undergraduate student government, elected Kiran Samra as its new president on Thursday evening.

Samra, who filled the position of chief of staff before being elected, said she was very excited to start her term as president and share her passion for ASMSU.

“My first point of action is definitely going to be starting outreach in all the places that it’s necessary to start moving forward and propelling ASMSU in the right direction,” Samra said.

Kathryn Maass, James Madison College representative and social relations and policy sophomore, said she was looking for a president who would make ASMSU’s image better and ensure the student government has a good relation to the administration.

“I want the president to be able to shape ASMSU in a way that accurately reflects the students and I would encourage any students who have concerns to come and voice them,” Maas said.

Samra said she hopes the general assembly leaves with the message “knowing…that we have the ability and the opportunity to move forward in a better way.”

“It is vital for ASMSU to have a leader who steps in knowing ASMSU’s past, ASMSU’s future and every aspect of ASMSU’s present,” Samra said in her speech, adding that her experience working with ASMSU staff and the general assembly has given her the proper knowledge and tools to assume the role as president.

Samra said in her speech that she is aiming to create an ASMSU mobile app for students before the end of the semester. She said it would be a great tool for students to be in touch with what is going on at ASMSU.

“We cannot allow the students’ voice to go unheard,” Samra said.

Jordan Zammit, history senior and one of the presidential candidates, said he knew he wasn’t going to win the election, but thought if he was going to criticize ASMSU, it was worth the effort to run.

He added that he was glad for the opportunity to “have a conversation that would otherwise not be had.”

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