Cannon sentenced to multi-year prison term in Pryor case


Marquez Cannon, a resident of Eastpointe, Mich., was sentenced to six to 20 years in prison for one count of criminal sexual conduct in the first degree this afternoon in Mason’s 30th Circuit Court.

“If I hadn’t been drinking (this wouldn’t have) occurred,” Cannon’s attorney, Cena White, read from a statement Cannon issued. “All I think about is that night.”

White said she believes this incident was isolated.

Justin Wan / The State News
Justin Wan / The State News

Cannon, 18, was one of the two suspects arrested after Olivia Pryor was found dead in her dorm room in South Hubbard Hall on March 19, 2012.

Cannon apologized to the victim and the victim’s family in a testimony during the hearing.

“I promise to you that I’m sorry for what happened,” Cannon said during the testimony. “None of this should have happened.”

Cannon took full responsibility for the occurrence and told the judge he would serve his time with his head held high.

Alcohol was found to be the cause of Pryor’s death; Pryor’s roommate previously testified consuming two bottles of tequila between her, Pryor, Cannon and Detroit resident Dishon Ambroses.

Pryor’s roommate reported to have seen Pryor unconscious and unclothed from the waist down while Cannon was standing above her. She reported Cannon later sexually assaulted her in her shower. After Ambrose and Cannon left in the morning, the roommate found Pryor to be dead.

“The anguish can never be adequately described,” Pryor’s mother, Cynthia Pryor, said during a statement. “Each and every one of us would give anything to have her here with us. Our family has just endured the worst 14 months of our lives.”

Cannon last appeared in court to accept a plea bargain on April 3, 2013 at Mason’s 30th Circuit Court. He pleaded guilty to the one count of first-degree criminal sexual conduct that was connected with an incident that resulted in the death of Pryor.

“(It pains) us deep to have to talk about this,” Cynthia Pryor said during the same statement. “Never would (have thought) we would have to bury our child.”

Pryor began to cry during her statement and the room remained silent.

“Please take into consideration all that we have lost,” she said.

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