10 ways you'll have to readjust to life after college


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After four years of living in East Lansing, we’ve become accustomed to life in a college town. Now that we’re about to graduate and make our way back into the real world, we’ve realized there are some things we have to relearn about life outside of college.

1. You might be saying goodbye to cable for a while
Cable, and all other bills, for that matter, is really expensive when you don’t split it four ways between roommates. Say goodbye to HBO, hot water, Internet, electricity…

2. Drinking in moderation
In the real world, just because a bar has half off on a Wednesday, doesn’t mean you can get wasted. Plus, your boss won’t be impressed with those sharpie marks on your hands.

3. You can’t shout things to strangers on the street at 1 in the morning
You all know you’re going to miss hearing drunk guys shout, “Show us your titties,” and other expletives to people walking down the street.

4. As a pedestrian, you actually have to look out for cars
Have you ever seen Meet Joe Black? Good luck making it across the street without looking both ways or using a crosswalk outside East Lansing.

5. You have to wake up at 7 a.m. again
…and you thought 10:20 a.m. was bad.

6. You actually have to make your own food
Kraft Mac & Cheese and Ramen can’t be the only things in your cart anymore, and midnight trips to McDonald’s aren’t socially acceptable for adults.

7. You can’t neglect your chores
After college, people begin to ask questions if there are holes in your wall, a sink full of dirty dishes and beer cans littered all over the floor. Seriously, do squatters live here?

8. You actually have to get dressed in the morning
In the professional world, the color pink belongs on your shirt, not written across the back of your pants. And guys, don’t think you’re off the hook, either. You can’t roll out of bed and into lecture in your pajama pants.

9. You gotta stop listening to Dubstep
Have you ever seen a 30-year-old at a Skrillex concert? Didn’t think so. Bring on 60 years of Phil Collins, smooth jazz and Norah Jones at awkward-work parties.

10. You have to learn how to save money
Having less than 100 bucks in your bank account is really bad once you graduate college. And by really bad, we mean you’re homeless.

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