Police investigate alleged assault between roommates

MSU police are investigating an alleged assault caused by a roommate dispute at 6 p.m. Sunday in a Hubbard Hall dorm room.

The assault was linked to a disagreement between two males — one 21-year-old and one 18-year-old — who are roommates and have had some disagreements lately, MSU police Sgt. Paul Kuchek said.

The 21-year-old man tried to tell his roommate that something he had been doing was bothering him before brandishing a screwdriver and threatening him, the victim told police.

During the confrontation, the alleged assailant’s friend reportedly punched the victim.

After being hit, the victim went to the lobby and called police an hour later, Kuchek said.

Kuchek said when police arrived at Hubbard Hall, the victim had visible injuries and marks from where the alleged assailants grabbed and hit him.

The victim did not receive medical treatment, Kuchek said.

When police went to the dorm room looking for the suspects, the suspects were gone.

MSU police have attempted to contact the alleged assailants, who could face charges of felonious assault and nonaggravated assault if arrested.

Before any charges are issued, Kuchek said police would like to hear the suspects’ sides of the story, at least one of whom is an international student.

Police would not say what country he is from.

Director for the Office for International Students and Scholars Peter Briggs said although he had not been informed of the incident, international students generally face more than just criminal penalties when police are involved — they also risk future visa approval.

“The next time they cross the border — the next time they cross a visa — it is in their record; it is there, and there’s a risk for them,” Briggs said. “We always feel we want to alert people to the visa consequences for anything that has to do with a crime or contact with the police.”
Kuchek said the victim was moved to a secure location.

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