Sunday, February 25, 2024

W Soccer


MSU women's soccer fall in first Big Ten matchup

The women’s soccer team took their first lost in the Big Ten Conference after facing Indiana University with a score of 1-0. The team’s overall record becomes 4-4-0 with their second straight loss.  Indiana kept the Spartan defense on their toes throughout the game with their shots while sophomore defense Madison VanDyke cleared the ball helping redshirt sophomore goalkeeper Reilley Ott. 


Kristelle Yewah, forever a Spartan

For senior forward and East Lansing native Kristelle Yewah, playing soccer at MSU wasn’t originally apart of her plans, though you would think that someone would dream to play the sport they loved on the college campus they were basically raised on. Instead, the homegrown product focused all her attention on a school located about one hour south of MSU, a school where the colors blue and yellow are sported by its inhabitants instead of green and white, a school that creates contempt in these parts every time its name is uttered; the University of Michigan.


MSU student athletes find housing options in South Neighborhood

MSU is the home of over 50,000 students, and close to 800 student-athletes that live all over campus. Olivia Argeros, is a freshman on the Women’s Soccer team and she shared her thoughts about living on campus her first year surrounded by student-athletes in South Neighborhood. “I wouldn’t say it’s an advantage to be surrounded by all student-athletes but socially I think it helps a lot to connect with others, because we all go through similar situations,” Argeros said. South Neighborhood is the home for the majority freshman and sophomore student-athletes.