Thursday, June 1, 2023



A guide to bars that aren't Rick's or Harper's

There’s no questioning it, East Lansing is one of the best college towns in the country thanks to its vibrant nightlife and social atmosphere. If you’re looking for cheaper drinks, fewer people or just a different atmosphere then these are three bars in Lansing you should try out. 


‘There’s space for you at the table’: Meet your editor-in-chief and managing editor 

Our roles as editor-in-chief and managing editor gives us the platform to share these stories directly from those who experience them. We hope it implements a layer of trust – we want you to feel comfortable sharing your stories. But we also hope to serve as role models for all the students of color at MSU. There’s a place for you in the higher seats at the organizations you dream to work for. There’s space for you at the table. Your voice belongs in that room.


COLUMN: Our experiences as women in STEM

Campus reporters Madison Rose and Selma Cogo share their experiences as women studying STEM: "To be a woman in STEM requires a certain diligence, perseverance, and self-confidence that can only be found in those willing to face daunting challenges."


When self-care creates careless consumerism

The "clean" aesthetic: effortless? Or only accessible by those who can afford to buy all of the right products?  Lifestyle reporter Miranda Dunlap talks to consumer behavior and retail experts to explain how our current era of self-care promotes consumerism and impossible beauty standards.  


Column: To the Ukrainian soldiers I met

While I may not have spoken to these men, I saw them everyday. I ate lunch a few tables from them. I shopped for deodorant in the same aisle. They joked with each other six feet from where I joked with my friends.