Monday, August 2, 2021



ASMSU advocates to divest from fossil fuels, pass CROWN act

“As representatives, we should be making sure we fight every instance for all our communities on campus to ensure equity and the opportunity to not be discriminated,” College of Social Science Rep. Julian Trevino said. “It really is repulsive, to be quite frank, that this is still a thing we are debating in today’s day ... We really want to ensure our students on campus feel included, safe, and equal because none of us are above anyone else.” 


MSU and LCC partner together to improve transfer process

“This partnership provides an open, clear path for the journey from LCC to MSU that many students take each year,” President Samuel L. Stanley Jr. said. “LCC is one of the top-rated community colleges in the nation, and they happen to be our neighbor. We are proud to collaborate with their team on promoting college access, affordability, and student success in the region.”