Wednesday, February 1, 2023



Seniors celebrate at fall commencement ceremony

Attendees heard from accounting graduate Darryl Ervin. He shared his own struggles as a first-generation college student and father while attending MSU. He said these challenges helped him build character, gave him purpose and shaped him into the person he is today.


MSU presidential search to start spring 2023

The board is in conversation with Isaacson Miller, an executive search firm that has been used to find deans and administrators at MSU in the past and is currently searching for a candidate to helm MSU's Office of Civil Rights and Institutional Equity.


Student stays confident in faith following incident in residence hall

“Especially with Hannakuh coming up … lighting, each night, another candle, bringing more light and kindness into this world," Shemtov said. "That’s the best answer we can give, and ... hopefully that will have an effect and share that warmth with our surroundings and hopefully, that will make the world that much brighter.” 


Anishinaabe community garden welcomes winter, provides space for Indigenous students

“Winterizing is just an important part of taking care of a garden traditionally and both in terms of horticultural and agricultural sciences,” Gliniecki said. “The Anishinaabe perspective of it is that the ground and all the creatures in the ground need time to do their magic, which will feed the plants, which also aligns really nicely with modern western science views on how to care for soil and to regenerative soil practices.” 


Farmers learn practices to improve Michigan's water quality

“Getting the education and outreach out there to educate farmers on how to appropriately apply fertilizer and best conserve their own land — that's literally the best thing that you can do,” Crank said. "It's better for the people who are eating their crops, and it's better for the people who want to be able to use our waterways for recreation.”