Monday, September 25, 2023



Following report of Tucker's Title IX investigation, community reacts

After the USA Today report of Michigan State head football coach, Mel Tucker, accused him of making sexually explicit comments and non-consensually masturbating over the phone was published Sunday morning, many members of the public are demanding for Tucker to be reprimanded and removed from his position. 


MSU board ends chair elections in split vote

The MSU Board of Trustees amended its bylaws to end contentious chair elections in favor of year-long terms decided by seniority. "We have relationships on this board that have been fractured because of the board chair election," Trustee Brianna Scott said.


'Crying, lying crocodile tears': Nassar survivors skewer MSU trustees over decision to withhold documents

Survivors of sexual abuse by disgraced ex-Michigan State University doctor Larry Nassar addressed the university’s board at their meeting Friday, individually condemning each of the eight trustees and serving them with copies of an updated lawsuit. The survivors criticized the board’s April decision to continue withholding thousands of documents relating to MSU’s handling of Nassar’s abuse. 


Firearms now illegal on MSU campus, regardless of licenses

Michigan State University’s Board of Trustees voted Friday to amend the campus gun policy, ending an exception that allows visitors to legally carry firearms on campus. The revisions, which the board passed 5-2, remove that exception and add new, more specific carve-outs allowing only law enforcement to carry firearms on campus.