Friday, September 29, 2023



The mystery of the mice at Akers Hall

Bethany Balks, the Associate Director for Communications of Residence Education and Housing Services, said there have been no pest-related maintenance requests from East Neighborhood submitted this semester.


Apart from police Chief, no officers documented at East Lansing Oversight Commission use-of force-public hearing

A panel of researchers and community leaders from Duke University, University of Michigan and Black Lives Matter spoke before the East Lansing Independent Police Oversight Commission about the use of force by police officers Wednesday night, urging modifications to the way officers approach interactions with community members. While the hearing was open to the public, no officers from the East Lansing Police Department were present at the event apart from ELPD Chief Chad Pride.


MSU police social worker Maria Valayil discusses her role after mass shooting

When Maria Valayil was hired by the Michigan State University Department of Police and Public Safety as their police social worker in the fall of 2022, she said she had a good picture of what the job would ask of her on a day-to-day basis.Having graduated two times from MSU and working as a victim advocate in the prosecutor’s office, Valayil said she knew what her role would look like and where she would fit in the community. Despite this, however, Valayil said that no one could have expected a mass shooting would take place on the campus on a fateful February night and the impact it would have.


Michigan House Democrats condemn harmful Holocaust comparisons

State House Representatives Samantha Steckloff (D-Farmington Hills) and Noah Arbit (D-West Bloomfield), introduced a resolution on March 23 in the Michigan House to condemn the comparisons made between the common sense gun reform that has been introduced in Michigan and violence that occurred in the Holocaust. 


Astrophysicist encourages listeners to reach for the stars

“You think about impacting people’s lives through making discoveries, developing technology, but really, for me, it’s bridging that gap," Hakeem Oluysei said. "I feel like we self-edit. People think oh, I can’t do that, I thought I was dumb until I saw you.”