Thursday, February 9, 2023



Blindness Awareness Month: blindness on a spectrum, not a hindrance

“It’s really helpful when people kind of understand your situation a little bit … to help you to be more connected and empowered in the community,” RCPD Director Michael Hudson said. “I didn’t walk in thinking I was going to be blind someday, but it can happen to any of us. Life happens and being able to realize that there is a path forward under almost every tough situation.” 


Faculty senate declares no confidence in the Board of Trustees

"The board is saying it can do whatever it wants regarding personnel matters if they're in the interest of the university according to the board," Senator Jack Lipton said. "If they are able to dig down into the university and talk to individual faculty members or find anything to be a 'matter of concern,' then all of us are in danger."


MSU Museum hosts free, themed celebrations

"Our First Fridays program provides students with unique and just outright fun ways to explore the museum outside of our normal hours," MSU Museum Graduate Assistant Berkley Sorrells said in a press release. "From dancing with the dinosaurs to carnival games, it has been very exciting to help develop engaging events to welcome MSU students into the museum."


ASMSU declares no confidence in the Board of Trustees

“Nothing is gained from a vote of no confidence. However, it sends a powerful message that we, the undergraduate community, are strongly in opposition to the current conduct of this board.” ASMSU voices its opposition to the Board of Trustees' actions and calls on members to resign.


MSU's Iranian community channels anger into protests over morality police

"I spend most of my days just … just looking at all these horrible, violent videos that coming out of Iran," Art History and Design Assistant Professor Parisa Ghaderi said. "It’s just there’s so much violence on the streets, and it’s just the emotional burden that it has on all the Iranian community here who still have close ties to Iran.”