Thursday, February 29, 2024



MSU BSA, NAACP walk out to protest campus discrimination

The MSU BSA and NAACP held a walkout for students to come together and voice their frustration about racial discrimination and a lack of accountability on campus. The protest was organized in response to several instances of discrimination against Black students throughout the semester.


Building from the ground up: Beal Botanical Gardens aim to restore native plant life along Red Cedar River

W.J. Beal Botanical Gardens is implementing a restoration initiative to help ensure the longevity of Michigan State University's heart— the Red Cedar River. Evaluation of the riverbank began in 2018, and since then, the staff at W.J. Beal have been taking steps to cultivate the growth of native plant life along the Red Cedar and in the Natural Areas on campus.


MSU Broad Art Museum announces “The CORE,” showcases 5,000 years of history

Michigan State University's Broad Art Museum recently announced that it will be opening up a research center on Nov. 10. The new space, called The Center for Object Research and Engagement, or CORE, will feature a “wide range of artworks that span 5,000 years of history, offering a portal to different time periods and cultures," according to a museum press release. 


MSU Dairy Farm uses cow burps to fight climate change

Michigan State University’s Dairy Cattle Teaching and Research Center has a new machine for its cows, and it could help farmers fight climate change worldwide. The machine, which dispenses treats for cows and analyzes their output, is part of an ongoing climate change project led by MSU animal science professor Dr. Mike Vandehaar.


MSU releases statement condemning hateful speech, derogatory language incidents on campus

Student Life and Engagement and the Office of Civil Rights sent a letter to students addressing recent instances of "hate speech, derogatory language, and inappropriate behavior" on campus. The Black Students' Alliance said the letter was a direct response to a statement released by the organization six days prior to the letter, which detailed several "racial incidents" that Black students have experienced this semester.